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The Aspire Nautilus Tank and Sleeve is a very stylish metal sleeve that is weaved around Pyrex Glass tank. It was designed to replace the original Pyrex Glass tank of the Aspire Nautilus and give it an extra touch of style and elegance. Besides enhancing the visual appeal of the popular Aspire tank system, however, this product also helps protect the glass tank and consequently, increase its durability.

Just like the original Aspire Nautilus tank, the replacement counterpart is made of Pyrex Glass to ensure the best taste and enhance the flavour of the E-Juice. But unlike the original tank, the replacement counterpart is surrounded by stainless steel hollowed out sleeve which, as mentioned above, reduces the risk of scratches, abrasions and other types of damage to the glass.

Note: this product has been designed to replace the original tube of the Aspire Nautilus tank system. It is not compatible with other tank systems by Aspire or other brands.

5ml capacity - hollowed stainless steel surround of pyrex insert

Simply remove the pyrex tank from your Nautilus then screw the coil onto the base or onto the air tube of the Aspire Nautilus hollowed out stainless steel sleeve. Screw the sleeve onto the base. Now put the Nautilus mouth piece onto the Aspire Nautilus hollowed sleeve. Done!


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